Zavkhan river

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Places where the river runs: Otgon soum of Zavkhan province, Delger, Taishir, Jargalan soums of Gobi-Aitai province and Aldarkhaan Durvuljin soums of Zavkhan province, Khukhmorit soum of Gobi-Altai province and Zavkhan soum of Uvs province

Source of the river: N47°07', E97°38'

End of the river: N48°53', E93°23'

Length of the river: 808 km

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Tuul river

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Places where the river runs: Mungunmorit, Erdene, Altanbulag, Undur Shireet, Lun and Zaamar soums of Tuv province, Bayannuur, Buregkhangai, Dashinchilen soums of Bulgan province and Orkhontuul soum of Selenge province

Source of the river: N48°32', E108°16'

End of the river: N48°58', E104°48'

Length of the river: 819 km

The Tuul River rises from the Baga Khentii Range, a branch of the Khentii Range. The river runs along valleys with lots of boulders, cliffs and wicker groves and it passes along the north side of Bogd Khan Mountain. The Tuul River is the biggest river flowing into the Orkhon River. Approximately 20 rivers flow into Tuul ... Read more »

Tes river

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Places where the river runs: Jargalant, Zag, Bumbugur, Buutsagaan and Baatsagaan soums of Bayankhongor province

Source of the river: N 47°39', E 99°44'

End of the river: N 45°38', E 99°15'

Length of the river: 295 km

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Tengis and Shishgid rivers

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Junction of the rivers: N 51°28', E 99°02'   Tsagaan Nuur soum of Khuvsgul province

Distance: 952 km northwest Ulaanbaatar, 281 km northwest Murun

The Tengis Shishged Basin is a beautiful combination of high mountains, rocks, deep valleys, thick forests, rivers and fresh water lakes. The Tengis River begins from the south side of Mongol Shariin Davaa Mountain-the most northern point of the country (N 52°09I, E 98°52I). The river is a mountain river that runs through mountain valleys with boulders.

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Tamir river

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Places where the river runs: Bulgan, Ikh Tamir, Uguu Nuur, Battsengel soums of Arkhangai province

Source of the river: N47°021, E110°33' (North Tamir River)

End of the river: N47°48', E102°37' (Junction of Orkhon river and Tamir river)

Length of the river: 232 km

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Shargaljuut river

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The spa is 45 km from Erdenetsogt soum center and is a group of boiling hot mineral spring rising from granite talus on the west bank of Shargaljuut River. The spa has lots mineral springs and these are the hottest spring in Mongolia. Approximately 100 springs are in a 2 ha are. All the springs join with the Shargaljuut River which is 70 km long and rises from the south og Khangai Range and flows into the Tuin River. These springs may be heated by the earth’s internal heat because this area is surrounded by some dormant volcanoes including Dush (1624) west and east Khuus Tolgoi mountains. The sourse of the springs comes out under granite stones and the waters run for 20 km until Shargaljuut River. There is a 2 km area of the Shargaljuut River that does not freeze during winter. Many minerals and lime stones created by springs form many different shapes. For instance ... Read more »

Selenge river

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Places where the river runs: Tosontsengel, Rashaant, Ikh Uul, Tarialan soums of Khuvsgul, Khutag Undur, Bugat, Khangal, Selenge soums of Bulgan province and Tsagaan Nuur, Khashaat, Zuun Buren, Shaamar soums of Selenge province

Source of the river: N49°16', E100°41' (Junction of many rivers)

End of the river: N50°20', E106°05' (until the Mongolian/Russian border)

Length of the river: 992 km

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Orkhon river

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Places where the river runs: Bulgan soum of Arkhangai province, Bat Ulzii, Khujirt, Kharkhorin, and Khashaat, Ugii nuur, Ulziit soums of Arkhangai province and Saikhan, Orkhon Orkhontuul soums of Bulgan province.

Source of the river: N 47°58', E 101°22'

End of the river: N 50°15', E 106°08'

Length of the river: 1124 km

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