I would like to say that it was a huge blessing for me to be born as a son and citizen of Mongolia, a country in Asia.

I like to say “My home country is Mongolia, I love my country and I am a Mongolian” also I believe many people enjoy saying they love something. We don’t think about what the home country is, how to love it and work for it when we are in our country but we only think about ourselves, and everything is alright if we have a sufficient life, enough food to eat, clothes to wear, a car to ride, warm and comfortable place to stay.

I think I was grown up close to the nature as I was grown up with my grandparents, herding.

I am proud of my profession I got from the university. I have been to many places doing researches when I was working in the pure water sector.

The authorities say that the development is close to reach for our country because it has many natural resources and wide land, but in real situation, as we can see from the experience of the last few years, damaged and destroyed earth and dried up rivers and swashes are growing in number. There are not many big rivers in Mongolia today. Many streams and springs are being dried up and disappearing without us knowing and bigger rivers’ water is declining in size and it is about to be gone and dried up.

There is an estimation that says there are 67000 km long 3811 rivers, 500 m3 square 3500 lakes, about 7000 streams, over 190 ice rivers with a square of 540 m2 and over 250 spring also 139 underground water deposits in Mongolia.

Our country’s water resource is 608,000 million cubic meters and about 90 percent of it is surface water and the remaining percentage is underground water. It was stated in the estimation that more than 70 percent of the rivers' water resources are composed in the Altai, Khangai, Khentii and Khuvsgul mountains which means it is mainly composed in the 30 percent land, mainly in the highest mountain areas.

Some Mongolians complain that there are many “not patriotic rivers” in Mongolia because many of them flow out of the country. Underground water in the desert region is less capable of replenishing compared to the rivers or surface water. That is why many experts warn us to use the surface water and cherish the underground water.

The water resource will be gone at once if we do not save and love it. What would we say to our next generation? Will we just talk about it in the past tense!

Let’s love and protect the water resources, rivers in Mongolia! We are people with much wealth.