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Kherlen river

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 590

Places where the river runs: Mungunmont, Bayanjargalan soums of Tuv province, Tsenkher mandal, Delgerkhaan, Bayanmunkh, Murun, Bayanovoo soum of Khentii province and Khulunbuir, Bayantumen, Choibalsan soums of Dornod province

Source of the river: N48°39', E109°13' (Junction of Bogd River and Tsagaan River)

End of the river: N48°08', E115°31'. (until the Mongolian/Russian border)

Length of the river: ... Read more »

Kharaa river

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 457

Places where the river runs: Batsumber soum of Tuv province, Mandal and Bayangol soums of Selenge province, Darkhan and Khongor soums of Darkhan uul province,

Source of the river: N48°05', E106°50' (Beginning of the Khuin River)

End of the river: N49°37', E105°50' (Junction of Orkhon River and Kharaa River)

Length of the river: 291 km

The Khuin River, the be ... Read more »

Khanui river

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 501

Places where the river runs: Chuluut, Ikh Tamir, Undur Ulaan, Erdene Mandal and Khairkhan soums of Arkhangai province and Bayan-Agt and Khutag-Undur soums of Bulgan province

Source of the river: N47°25°, E100°32°

End of the river: N49°20°, E102°34° (Junction of Selenqe River and Khanui River)

Length of the river: 421 km

The Khanui River begins from the north ... Read more »

Khalkh and Numrug rivers

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 550

Junction of the rivers: N47°20', E119°27' Khalkh Gol soum of Dornod province

Distance: 1049 km away to the east of Ulaanbaatar city 394 km away to the southeast of Choibalsan town

The Khalkh river and Numrug rivers rise from Khayngan Range on the boundary between China and Mongolia. Numrug river flows into Khalkh river. Steppe animals belong to Manjuur and Daguur Mongolia mostly spread in the basin. 487 species of plants have been found here, among them 10 species of plants grow only in Central Asia. Many rare animals like moose, deer, otters, bears, roe deer, boars and bustards are here. Moose and snake of Black River and mole of Manjuur are ... Read more »

Ider river

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 470

Places where the river runs: Ider, Telmen, Tosontsengel, Ikh-Uul soums of Zavkhan province and Jargalant, Galt, Tumurbulag soums of Khuvsgul province

Source of the river: N48°03', E97° 131'

End of the river: N49°16', E100°41' (Confluence of many rivers)

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Eruu river

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 603

Source of the river: N49°05', E107°19'  (Junction of Sharlun and Khong rivers)

Places where the river runs: Mandal, Eruu and DulaanKhan soums of Selenge province

End of the river: N49°55', E106°08' (Junction of Orkhon and Eruu rivers)

Length of the riv ... Read more »

Eg and uur rivers

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 478

Junction of the rivers: N50°17', E101°57' Erdenebulgan soum of Khuvsgul province

Distance: 603 km northwest of Ulaanbaatar city, 285 km northeast of Murun town

The basin of Eg and Uur Rivers, is one of Mongolia’s beautiful and untouched places: it is covered by thick forests especially larch forests. Taimen fish inhabit this basin area. The Eg river starts from Khuvsgul Lake, the deepest and freshest lake in Mongolia. ... Read more »

Delgermurun river

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 508

Junction of the rivers: N50°07', E98°52' Bayanzurkh soum of Khuvsgul province

Distance: 808 km northwest of Ulaanbaatar city, 137 km away to the northwest of Murun town

The Basin of the Delger and Beltes Rivers is one of the most beautiful areas in Khuvsgul. The basin has limestone caves and rocks as well as many picturesque rapids in a narrow canyon. Ushir waterfall, 4 m high, is on the Beltes river. The waterfall is not far from Bayanz ... Read more »

Suman river

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 451

Junction of the rivers: N48°14', E100°26' Tariat soum of Arkhangai province

Distance: 613 km west of Ulaanbaatar city, 150 km north west of Tsetserleg town

The Chuluut River and Suman River are very beautiful rivers which run through basaltic canyons. The rivers run through basaltic platform created by magma from more than 10 dormant volcanoes such as Khorgiin Togoo, Gichgenii togoo, Shavariin Tsaram, Ikh Anga and Baga Anga. ... Read more »

Bulgan river

by ADMIN / 05.24.2018 / 468

Places where the river runs: Bulgan soum of Bayan-Ulgii province and Bulgan soum of Khovd province

Source of the river: N 47°17', E 90°34'

End of the river: N 46°09', E 91°01'

Length of the river: 250 km (until border line)

Bulgan River, ... Read more »

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