Baidrag river

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Places where the river runs: Jargalant, Zag, Bumbugur, Buutsagaan and Baatsagaan soums of Bayankhongor province

Source of the river: N 47°39', E 99°44'

End of the river: N 45°38', E 99°15'

Length of the river: 295 km

Baidrag River is the biggest river running south from the Khangai Range. It starts from the west side of Gyalgar Mountain (3328 m) in the Noyon Khangai Range National Park. The source of the Baidrag river is called Baidragiin Ehen River.

The drainage basin of Baidrag River is 28277 sq km area and Mandah, Urgunteel, Mandal, Baruun, Dund, Zuun, Zag, Ulziit, and Tsagaan rivers flow into the Baidrag river. The biggest rivers are 80 km long Zagiin River and 135 km long Ulziit River. sides with rocks and taluses, but the end part is like Gobi rivers with sparse plants. The river splits up into several branches when it runs through deserted plains, lakes and valleys. The east branches run through sandy plains with some saxaul trees.

 Main stream of the river is 30-60 m wide, and branches are 10-20 m wide. Average depth is 0.3-1.5 m. The river floods in rainy summers and ebbs immediately, like other rivers of south Khangai Range. The river freezes in the second half of October and melts end of March and beginning of April. The source part of Zag and Baidrag Rivers Basin has become National park according to decree of State Great Khural of Mongolia since 2012.