Delgermurun river

by Guest / 11.18.2018 / 79

Junction of the rivers: N50°07', E98°52' Bayanzurkh soum of Khuvsgul province

Distance: 808 km northwest of Ulaanbaatar city, 137 km away to the northwest of Murun town

The Basin of the Delger and Beltes Rivers is one of the most beautiful areas in Khuvsgul. The basin has limestone caves and rocks as well as many picturesque rapids in a narrow canyon. Ushir waterfall, 4 m high, is on the Beltes river. The waterfall is not far from Bayanzurkh soum centre. Coniferous forest covers this area and some rare animals and plants ca be found here. Beltes River is a mountain river that starts from south west of the Khoridol Saridag Range and flows into the Delger River. Bayanzurkh soum centre is on the bank of the river.

The Delger River starts from Taij Lake (N 50°35I, E 98°37‘) at 3300m on the Ulaan Taiga Range. The drainage basin of the river is 26640 sq km. The Delger river merges with the Ider river and then the Selenge River, which is the biggest river in Mongolia. The river valley is very narrow because it is surrounded by many rocky mountains covered with thick forests such as Ikh Nogoon Taiga, Baga Nogoon Taiga, Temeen Chiuluut and Khaisiin Saridag.

The valley becomes wider only around Murun city. The water table of the river is very changeable and it increases during May to September. It freezes in the middle of November and melts in April. Many bigger and smaller rivers flow into the river including Dund Taris (75 km), Beltes (92 km) and Bugsei (110 km). Lenok, taimen, grayling, silurus, pike and lake-lawyer fish are found here. Some big historical memorials are in the valley of the Delger River including Ruins of Munkh Khaan’s Palace, the White city of Erchim, Murun Monastery, Rock Paintings in Bor Khujir, inscriptions on rock of the Zunii River and the deer stone of Uushignii Uvur.