Eruu river

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Source of the river: N49°05', E107°19'  (Junction of Sharlun and Khong rivers)

Places where the river runs: Mandal, Eruu and DulaanKhan soums of Selenge province

End of the river: N49°55', E106°08' (Junction of Orkhon and Eruu rivers)

Length of the river: 323 km

Where the Khongi and Sharlun rivers rise from the Khentii range, is the beginning of the Eruu River. The drainage basin is 11860 sq km. The Eruu River valley is narrow mid way and at the beginning, but it becomes 2 to 6 km wide towards to the end. The waterbed is 20 to 150 m wide and 0.5 to 2 m deep.

It starts to freeze in November and keeps ice surface for 160 days.

The average thickness of the ice’s surface is 1.2 m. Many rivers begin from the Khentii Range and flow into Eruu River. Some of those rivers are Yalbag, Tsamkhag, Ugtaal, Akhat, Bugant, Ikh Khargalant and Khantsuit. The Emu river belongs to the Baikal Lake Basin- the biggest basin of fresh water in the world. There are many hunting fish in the river such as grayling, lenok, lake layer, pike and perch. Moreover at the junction of the Eruu and Yalbag rivers and at the beginning of the Sharlin and Khongi rivers is a very good environment for taimen and sturgeon. Moose, registered in Mongolian Red book, inhabit this area.

This is the home of many species of birds and animals. A hot mineral spring rises at 1150 m in the Eruu River basin (N 49°01:, E 107°331)- The minarel spring is +42 degrees and it includes carbonate, sulfur and natrium. It is used for healing joints and the nervous system.