Ider river

by Guest / 11.18.2018 / 73

Places where the river runs: Ider, Telmen, Tosontsengel, Ikh-Uul soums of Zavkhan province and Jargalant, Galt, Tumurbulag soums of Khuvsgul province

Source of the river: N48°03', E97° 131'

End of the river: N49°16', E100°41' (Confluence of many rivers)

Length of the river: 452 km

The Ider River begins at the north of Zagastai Mountain Pass, at 2700m, which belongs to the Tarvagatai Range. The river flows into the Delger River and then finally the Selenge River. Over 30 small and big rivers flow into Ider River. Among the bigger ones are the Chuluut, Zart, Bugdgene, Nukht, Khouul, Tuna, Tegsh, Tsetsuukh, Khuyagt, Salbart, Jargalant, Yamaat and Khunjil rivers. The biggest one is the Chuluut River. The drainage basin of the river is 24555 sq km. The river runs in several different ways until Tosontsengel soum. The main stream in this area is 40-60 m while branches are 10-15 m. Beyond Tosontsengel soum centre, the river becomes wider up to 80-100 m. It is 0.7 to 2 m deep but up to 3-3.5 m in some places. Ider River has a strong flow because it is a mountain river. The flow speed is 7.2 - 10.8 km/hr at the beginning and slows down to 2.0-2.5 km/hr at the end. It is covered by 1 -1.2 m thick ice from October until April. There are taimen, lenok, grayling and pike fish in the Ider. There are also some historical sites in the river valley such as Nukhtiin Amnii tomb, deer stones, Gelenkhuu stupa and the Jargalant temple.