Shargaljuut river

by Guest / 02.20.2019 / 210

The spa is 45 km from Erdenetsogt soum center and is a group of boiling hot mineral spring rising from granite talus on the west bank of Shargaljuut River. The spa has lots mineral springs and these are the hottest spring in Mongolia. Approximately 100 springs are in a 2 ha are. All the springs join with the Shargaljuut River which is 70 km long and rises from the south og Khangai Range and flows into the Tuin River. These springs may be heated by the earth’s internal heat because this area is surrounded by some dormant volcanoes including Dush (1624) west and east Khuus Tolgoi mountains. The sourse of the springs comes out under granite stones and the waters run for 20 km until Shargaljuut River. There is a 2 km area of the Shargaljuut River that does not freeze during winter. Many minerals and lime stones created by springs form many different shapes. For instance, there are some springs from rocks looking like human organs such as mouth, eye, nose and ear. People use these springs for healing mouth, eye, nose and ear problems because they are formed in human organs. Larch forest follows along the Shargaljuut river around the springs area. All springs are more than 90 degrees of hot smelts sulfur but without any colors and tastes. Many different colors of algae are in the waters from those springs. These hot springs are used for healing many different sicknesses. All the time this area is foggy because hot waters from the springs become cooler and becomes fog. 18 hot-springs in an area with granite rocks are 10 km south east from Shargaljuut spa and those springs are called Baga shargaljuut. Local residents say that the spa includes 108 spring as Mongolians believe that 108 is charitable number.