Suman river

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Junction of the rivers: N48°14', E100°26' Tariat soum of Arkhangai province

Distance: 613 km west of Ulaanbaatar city, 150 km north west of Tsetserleg town

The Chuluut River and Suman River are very beautiful rivers which run through basaltic canyons. The rivers run through basaltic platform created by magma from more than 10 dormant volcanoes such as Khorgiin Togoo, Gichgenii togoo, Shavariin Tsaram, Ikh Anga and Baga Anga.

The Chuluut River begins from Modot Mountain (3494 m) of Khangai Range and at its source it is called the Davaat River. After merging with some other rivers, it becomes the Chuluut River and later flows into the Ider River. The drainage basin of the river is 750 sq km and the river is 415 km long. The widens midway and towards the end of the river. The river runs through approximately 50 to 60 m deep gorges and snaking canyon for 100 km, this part of the river is quite amazing.

Suman River starts from Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake. The river is over 50 km long and also runs through a deep canyon. The canyon of Suman River is 30 m wide and over 10 m high. Gichgene and Ikh Jargalant Rivers flow into the Suman river. Choidog rapids of Chuluut River are 1 m high and are located near the junction of the two mentioned rivers.

There you will find a basalt rock with 6 sides and it is called “Pencil Rock”. The river starts to freeze at the end of October and completely freezes by November, then it melts in April. Apart from the Suman River, some other rivers flow into Culuut: like the Khuremt, Tuul, Ajirga, Khangal, Bumbat, Ulziit, Murun, Uujim, Daaga and Atsag rivers.

There is a warm mineral spring in the Chuluut River basin (N47°49', E100°15').

The mineral spring includes hydro carbonate, sulfur, and natrium. People use the spring for healing joint sick and nervous diseases. The River is called Chuluut (means with stones) because there are lots of boulders and basaltic stones in the basin. Many ancient rock paintings have been found in the canyon of the Suman River. There are some historical memorials of more than 300 ancient paintings on boulders and basaltic cliffs of the Chuluut River as well as birds, ibexes and human paintings in Khamriin Buklan of the Suman River.