Tamir river

by Guest / 11.18.2018 / 118

Places where the river runs: Bulgan, Ikh Tamir, Uguu Nuur, Battsengel soums of Arkhangai province

Source of the river: N47°021, E110°33' (North Tamir River)

End of the river: N47°48', E102°37' (Junction of Orkhon river and Tamir river)

Length of the river: 232 km

The north and south Tamir rivers rise from the north of Gurvan Angarkhai and Tsohiot mountains in the Khangai Range. North Tamir River is 180 km and south Tamir River is 165 km long. The rivers join around Battsengel soum centre of Arkhangai province and then the river flows into the Orkhon River 16 km from Ugii Nuur soum centre.  The Tamir River is biggest of the rivers flowing into the east side of the Orkhon River. Local residents call the river ‘Gurvan Tamir’(Three Tamir). North Tamir River runs along a narrow straight valley. The South Tamir River is a mountain river with strong streams and rapids, and Khoshgot and Arkhoshgot rivers flow into the river near the source. It is 52 km from the junction of north and south Tamir rivers until the junction of the Orkhon and Tamir rivers. The drainage basin of the river is 13100 sq km. The water table of the rivers increase rapidly in summers and recede immediately when it rains. Both rivers completely freeze during winter. Between the two junctions mentioned above, the Tamir River Valley becomes 3-4 km wide and wickers and asp groves are in this part. In this area, the river bed is 40-70 m, and 2.5-3 m deep, stream speed is 1-2 m/sec. The river freezes in November and melts in April. Taikhar rock, 16 m tall granite stone cliff on the bank of Tamir River, is 22 km north west from Tsetserleg and 5 km east from Tamir soum centre. The rock is popular with ancient inscriptions. Over 150 Tureg, Uigur, Mongolian, Manchu, Tibetan and Chinese writings are written on this rock.