Tengis and Shishgid rivers

by Guest / 02.20.2019 / 209

Junction of the rivers: N 51°28', E 99°02'   Tsagaan Nuur soum of Khuvsgul province

Distance: 952 km northwest Ulaanbaatar, 281 km northwest Murun

The Tengis Shishged Basin is a beautiful combination of high mountains, rocks, deep valleys, thick forests, rivers and fresh water lakes. The Tengis River begins from the south side of Mongol Shariin Davaa Mountain-the most northern point of the country (N 52°09I, E 98°52I). The river is a mountain river that runs through mountain valleys with boulders.

The Tengis river has quite a strong stream. There are many rapids in the Shishged and Tengis rivers which make them more beautiful and interesting. The basin is rich in some rare animals like reindeer, moose, ibexes, otter, sable, as well as fish including taimen, lenok, and white fish. It is home place of the reindeer people.

Most of reindeer people live here. The Tengis river’s features is that it’s source is at the most northern point of Mongolian while the Shishged river’s feature is that it passes many lakes on the way.

The Shishged river, biggest river in Darkhad depression, begins from many small lakes in Ulaan Taiga Range. The Gunai river is actually considered the real beginning of the river. It is 298 km long and its drainage basin is 18300 sq km. Approximately 40 big and small rivers flow into the Shishged river. Among the bigger ones are the Arsai, Khoton, Sharga, tengis and Khug rivers. The Shishged river is called small Enisei because it is beginning of Enisei river.

The beginning of the river has a strong stream but it becomes weak when it enters the Darkhad depression. The river is mainly fed by rains and flooding appears in summers. It freezes in October and melts in May. The river is the home of fish belonging to the North Arctic Basin such as Enisei taimen, lenok, grayling, as well as otter, which is registered in the Mongolian Red Book. River basin of Tengis-Shishged and its 869100 ha area has been protected as National park since 2011 according to decree number 18 of State Great Khural of Mongolia.