Tes river

by Guest / 11.18.2018 / 109

Places where the river runs: Jargalant, Zag, Bumbugur, Buutsagaan and Baatsagaan soums of Bayankhongor province

Source of the river: N 47°39', E 99°44'

End of the river: N 45°38', E 99°15'

Length of the river: 295 km

The many rivers rising from the west of Sangiin Dalai Lake and north of Bulnai Range, such as Jarantai, Mogoit, Eleet and Jargalant rivers, make the beginning of the Tes River. The Tes River runs along basaltic canyon of Khartsagat Mountain. There are many swamps around the junction area of the mentioned rivers in the north of Bulnai Range. Those swamps are called Jarantai swamp. The Tes River runs through medium altitude mountains with forests at the beginning and half way through. Then it crosses the Mongolian border and runs through steppe land in Russia, finally coming back to flow into Uvs Lake in Mongolia. The landscape around the end of the river is gobi and desert area. In Russia many rivers flow into the Tes such as the Shavar, Khos, Zaigal, Tsereg and Khachig rivers. At the end, the Tes River branches many ways into many deltas. People say that the Tes River is a patriotic river because it comes back to Mongolia even though it crosses the border with Russia. The drainage basin of the river is 33358 sq km. On average it is 0.3-2.5 m deep. It freezes in October and melts in April. The end of the river is part of the Uvs Lake protected area. The Tes is the biggest river flowing into Uvs lake. Many birds gather in the swamps, wicker groves and bushy areas. The Tes River has been protected since 2006 as a National Reserve Area.